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GeekCraft Expo & Distribution Conference

GeekCraft Expo is a heavily-curated craft fair featuring geeky handmade work. It was started by Daniel Way, a comic book writer for Marvel, and his wife Kimberly Matsuzaki, who worked at Ubisoft. They grew tired of going to traditional craft fairs and seeing stuff they could buy anywhere online.

The Ultimate Holiday Craft Expo 2023 features more than 100 booths of one-of-a-kind crafts. All exhibitors offer experiential workshops for visitors.

Craft Beverage Expo and Distribution Conference

The Craft Beverage Expo and Distribution Conference brings together artisan wine makers and beer, cider, mead, and spirits producers. The event also offers a series of educational sessions, workshops, and panel discussions with industry experts. This is the only event that offers a platform for these industries to come together and foster cross-industry collaboration.

Attendees will be able to learn how to expand their reach by gaining access to a network of buyers and distributors. They will also be able to find vendors that offer solutions for branding, packaging, creative distribution, retail marketing, and more. They can even meet with attorneys who specialize in alcoholic beverage law.

In addition, the CBE will host a Women in Craft forum and have a special day for Pittsburgh’s craft breweries. CBE will be co-located with the Tasting & Tap Room Expo, which will provide turnkey solutions for owners, operators, and managers of tasting and tap rooms of all sizes.

GeekCraft Expo

GeekCraft Expo is a curated craft show that showcases handmade jewelry, plushes, art, and other goods inspired by comics and pop culture. The show is free to attend, and it offers a chance for fans to purchase handmade merchandise from local artisans. It also helps support local small businesses and economies.

The event was founded in 2016 by Daniel Way, a comic book writer known for his work on Marvel’s sarcastic antihero Deadpool, and Kimberly Matsuzaki, a former Ubisoft community manager. The expo is held in various cities across the country.

Each show features a variety of crafts from local artists and makers. One such artist is Michelle Whisner, who makes reclaimed wood signs and tea towels. Another is Crystal Oakes, who makes scalemaille jewelry and hats using yarn instead of metal rings. She even created a piece that was inspired by Han Solo in carbonite. Her creations are inspired by the nerd culture she loves.

Japan Craft Expo 2023

Japan has a rich culture of traditional craftworks, from woodcrafts to silk weaving. This event delves into the country’s artisanal heritage, with craftsmen from more than 50 production areas displaying their work and holding workshops. Visitors can also take a tour of a timber-making workshop or see traditional temari, embroidered balls given to children that are now treasured as ornaments and family heirlooms.

Dutch design is known for its conceptualism, but this project brings together the expertise of Japanese artisans and manufacturers in a unique way. The three makers selected for the project, including Matsui Kigyo who has inherited 450 years of local silk tradition and Yoshida Shingi Shozoku who creates costumes, Shinto shrine furnishings, and festival objects, hosted Dutch designers for two months and worked on prototypes together. Through repeated experimentation and discussions, the makers realised that it was possible to combine their skills and design in a new and innovative way.

The Ultimate Holiday Craft Expo 2023

The Ultimate Holiday Craft Expo is an event that showcases the talents of local artists, makers, bakers and other small business owners. It helps build strong community connections and fosters a hearty local economy. The expo also promotes healthy lifestyles and supports local food production.

This unique shopping experience features 95+ vendors and offers thousands of hand-crafted gift items. It is the perfect place to find a one-of-a-kind gift for your loved ones. You can also enjoy holiday music and tasty treats.

The event will include a variety of handmade crafts, including jewelry, stationery, monogramming and more. In addition, there will be a food vendor and a hot chocolate bar. The event is free to attend and there is plenty of parking available.

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